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HH Catamarans

Dear friends,

The start of the 2015 summer brings lots of exciting news and updates from HH Catamarans.  For starters, we now have 4 HH66s in production, and tooling for the HH55 is charging ahead. We document this all on our HH Catamarans Facebook page which is updated a couple of times a week with great photos, videos and renderings for all your pixel viewing pleasure. Please head on over to follow and like our page.


The future is looking bright for HH and those with keen ears may have already heard whispers of other models joining the HH family. Its true! We are very proud and excited to announce the all new HH88 custom series. It is shaping up to be a creation of real beauty and quite something to behold. More on that below.

We have enjoyed great reception and success at this years boat shows in Germany, the United States and the Gold Coast Marine Expo in Australia. We will continue this Autumn, making appearances at Cannes and again in the USA showcasing our range as well as the big, new HH88. An impressive 1:16 detailed scale model of this magnificent yacht will be on display along with the beautiful and bright HH66 and HH55 scale models.

Introducing the new HH88

Hot off the Morrelli & Melvin drawing board a new world in Catamaran boating! This new addition to the Hudson and Hakes Catamaran family is what we like to term our "Plus Sized" cat. In this instance size does matter!


This new series is being designed in such a way as to be entirely customizable. Starting at 77 feet, the hull is available in sizes up to 88 feet. These will be technically great sailing yachts, with good upwind performance, a generous sail area down wind, and built from carbon fiber for safety and strength. They will happily perform well over 20knots. Yet rather than a blistering white knuckle performance, we are more focused on comfort and good sea-kindly manners for passage making. This boat has been built for total luxury and enjoyment. Large fly bridge with twin helms and huge entertainment areas are key features and a sumptuous interior with styling individual for you from World famous designer Laura Pomponi. All state rooms feature king size walk around beds, private owners lounge, and private deck access from the owners and VIP guest suits.

Using lifting advanced underwater foil technology, this boat is designed to give maximum comfort and fast passage across any ocean whilst providing a grand palace abode in any bay or marina. This is tribute the remarkable design talents of Gino Morrelli and Pete Melvin and these boats are an extraordinary example of breathtaking aesthetics and high performance engineering. We cannot wait to begin construction.

HH55 Production Begins

The HH55 catamaran is our newest model to go into production, and design and construction are well under way. The hull plug and the deck plug are nearing finish and will soon be ready for mould making. The first hull shell is scheduled to start laminating in October for a lovely couple who live in Minnesota.

This remarkable yacht has both forward and aft helm station options and again is a statement of good design and open space.

We are delighted to announce that once again we have selected Southern Spars to be our rig manufacturer, and engineering is underway now to ensure ease of sail handling for couples sailing, excellent performance, safety and reliability even in harsh conditions. As things move along we expect the first boat to hit the water towards the end of the summer, 2016 with boats number 2, 3 and 4 following quickly after.

Updates on the HH66

The HH66 is the first in our current series of luxury racing catamarans - our Supercats. 

With the production line in full swing and four HH66 taking shape, hull 01 is starting to look more and more like a real yacht (rather than a giant 3D jigsaw) with all composites complete, interior furniture installed as well as plumbing and electrical systems.

This boat will now disappear into the paint booth for 7 weeks and will re-emerge with a spectacular clear coat carbon finish, paint gleaming and ready for all the shiny bits to be bolted on. We are excited for early Spring next year when we can take this boat sailing and show it off to the World.


Boat shows this Autumn

A busy autumn in store for the Hudson and Hakes Catamarans team as they head across the globe ready and excited to exhibit our newest additions to the family- the HH77 and HH88. If you are planning on attending any of the boat festivals this coming season, look out for us at any of the shows listed below.

Please contact us and ensure you meet with our head designer Gino Morrelli and company President Paul Hakes and find out more from them about our HH55, the HH66 and of course the new HH88.

Boat Show Dates:


France - Cannes Yachting Festival. Cannes - 8th to 13th

USA - The Newport International Boat Show. Rhode Island - 17th to 20th


USA - United States Sail-boat Show. Annapolis - 8th to 12th